National agency Meteorology and the Environmetal monitoring

    Communication and network parts, and electronic equipment



    Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia 

    5 units of  observatory ADS/B-ES Dual channel/system and its Bundle System 



    General Authority of Takhar

    Supply of furniture and technical equipments



    Regional administration office of Orkhon province

    supply of computers and equipment for e-Soum project                 



    Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi LLC 

    Supply of computer, equipment and printer cartridges



    Mongolian Taxation authority

    Supply of office equipments 



    Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia 

    Nationwide Navigation equipment and technology modernization. Aircon upgrade project



    Khaan bank

    Supply of computer and printers 



    City labour center

    Supply of computers and printers for development of labour centers next to universities 



    Regional Administration office of Khentii province 

    e-Khentii program implementation 



    Ministry of Education 

    Supply of furniture appliances, consumer electronics, outside and inside play games, carpet and bed for newly establishing kindergardens



     Mongol Bank

    Supply of Servers



    University of Dornod 

    Supply of laptops 



    Khaan bank

    Supply of Oracle EXADATA



    Mongolian Taxation Authority

    Цахим татвар програм хангамж, техник, тоног төхөөрөмж худалдан авах,сүлжээг сайжруулах Supply and installation of network and e-tax software, hardware




    Supply computer and accesssories to National Tree Inventory programme for REDD program of deforestation which commited to reduce green-house gas emissions 


  • Ministry of Education and Science– setting up the internet, supplying IT facilities and furniture to all schools and kindergartens of Sukhbaatar District (2012)

    We have successfully set up the internet, delivered and installed Dell’s desktops, projectors and printers to all schools and kindergartens of Sukhbaatar District. 

    Supply of computers and other IT accessories to Prosecutor General’s Office and the General Council of Courts under the investment from theDeutsche Gesellschaft für InternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ)

    We have successfully delivered and installed servers, desktops, copiers and other IT equipment to Prosecutor General’s Office, the General Council of Courts and to their regional subsidiaries in line with the project which is aimed at ensuring the stabile development of economy and its legal structure


    General Authority for State Registration – 2012 Parliament Election’s equipment and facilities.

    We have supplied necessary laptops and matrix printers to 3000 election panels during the 2012 Parliament Election in order to ensure the continuous monitoring of the election process. 


  • Millennium Challenge Account Mongolia – Professional education and training project TVET (2011)

    We have successfully delivered and installed IT equipment, network facilities and software to 4 Ulaanbaatar schools and 6 regional schools under the Professional Education and Training Project of Millennium Challenge Account Mongolia.


  • Newtell LLC – EqualLogic system (2010)

    We have delivered and installed Dell EqualLogic system to one of the Mongolia’s top companies in service industry – Newtell LLC.  Also, introduced VMWare and conducted necessary Dell training for relating professionals for free of charge. 

    www.pc-mall.mn online retail store (2010)

    Summit Computer Technology LLC created its very own and one of the largest online retail stores www.pc-mall.mn. We provide valuable and reliable online sales, delivery and after sales service to fulfill our customer’s needs. Hence, the number of our customers are growing rapidly


    Med Impex LLC - Scope screening information data software

    As per request of the Med Impex LLC, we have designed and written scope screening information data software in .NET setting which is suitable for Olimpus scope system. Currently, Med Impex LLC use this software together with its own medical equipment and installed them in several hospitals. 


    МInformation Communication Technology and Post Authority – MIX network (2010)

    We have been selected for the implementer of the “Network connection of all internet service providing companies” bid which is administered by the Information Communication Technology and Post Authority of the Government.

    -       Formulate the solution of the network

    -       Deliver facilities

    -       Install and conduct training course


  • Information Communication Technology and Post Authority - Network facilities (2009)

    Carried out the work of delivering and installing Cisco full network facilities at the Information Communication Technology and Post Authority.  
    National Statistical Office - Storage (2009)

    Executed the design of the information system archive and the installation of the National Statistical Office.


  • Mongolian National Broadcaster - Studio 600 (2008)

    Installed all technical facilities of Mongolian National Broadcaster's Studio 600
    Ulaanbaatar Railway - UPS (2008)

    Delivered and installed a 30 kwt UPS at the information center of the Mongolian Railway.
    Xac Bank - Security camera (2008)

    Delivered and installed the world celebrated ACTi IP camera system at the branches of Khas Bank.


  • Mobicom LLC - Server (2007)

    Delivered and installed high efficiency Dell servers in Mobicom LLC.

    United Nations - Server (2007)

    Delivered and installed Cisco network facilities and Dell servers in the United Nations Children's Fund and World Health Organization in Mongolia.


    NEWS.MN, OLLOO.MN – Server (2007)

    Delivered and installed HP servers and network facilities in news.mn and olloo.mn.

    Xac Bank – server and network facilities (2007)


  • Ulaanbaatar Railway – Server, computers and printers (2006)

    Delivered and installed Dell server, computers and printers in Ulaanbaatar Railway.



  • Baganuur LLC – Computer and Printer (2005)                                                                                                          


  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture – Computers and printers (2004)

    We have delivered and installed well-equipped computers and printers to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. 


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