• Became a "RESELLER" of Malaysian and Singaporean Samsung monitors and Epson printers.



  • June 2009 - Official distributor of world-renowned "Cisco" brand and started selling network equipment and bringing them straight from the CISCO factory in accordance with our customer’s preferences


  • November 2008 - Became an official distributor of "Dell Asia Pacific" of Malaysia in Mongolia and started selling     all types of DELL computers, notebooks, servers and recording devices bringing them straight from the factory according to our customer’s preferences and our DELL trained engineers provide consulting, technical assistance and repair services. 


  • November 2007 - Became an official distributor of "ATD" LLC in Mongolia and have since introduced SONY, IKEGAMI, PANASONIC and MIRANDA brands to the Mongolian market.


  • December 2006 - Became the official distributor of "Haier Intl HK Ltd." in Mongolia and have introduced   Haier products in the market since March 2007. 


  • July 2004 - Became a "Business partner" of USA's Hewlett Packard corporation branch in Europe, HP-EUROPE. Received the right to sell its products in Mongolia.


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