Official launch of APPLE in Mongolia

World’s leader in innovation and creativity – APPLE has officially come to Mongolia.  APPLE - a world leader in producing innovative, smart, beautifully designed electronic products that enrich our lives has officially come to Mongolia.  Introduction of the first plastic case color graphic Apple II computer to the market in 1977 is seen as the big success in Apple’s history. Apple has become the leader in IT industry due to the fact that the company comprehensively concentrates on its product’s quality, software, interior and exterior design as well as close supervision of its sales operations.

“Summit” company’s “PC Mall” store has officially selected as the reseller of Apple products in Mongolia, this is the proof that our company’s business operations have been constantly growing and developing.We invite our customers to purchase Apple’s trademark products such as iMac, MacBook, iTouch, iPod, Mac server and their accessories from Apple showroom which is located on the level 2 of PC Mall store.  In the future, we will offer even more Apple products and services to our customers. 

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